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Family Jordan is a group of folk and country shape-shifters based in the rolling hills of Northern Rivers, Australia.

Formed in 2013, the group is led by songwriter Jordan Rochfort and guitarist & producer Samuel Joseph alongside Kellie Murphy on piano & violin and an ever-evolving range of members.

Family Jordan - Big Grass
Released March 12, 2021

Dedicated to John Prine, Big Grass is the mythical group’s most direct exploration of their folk and country influences.

Family Jordan - Homo Exotica
Vinyl issue July 28, 2023
Vinyl Order 

Announcing the first ever vinyl issue of the group’s now much-adored 2019 folk suite Homo Exotica

A personal favourite of the Holiday Makers, we are very pleased to welcome the record to the catalogue, with a much deserved vinyl issue in celebration of the band’s 10 year anniversary.

Upon signing with Holiday Maker in 2020, Family Jordan left social media in exchange for a regular newsletter titled ‘Wind on the Grass’ - subscribe here.